QIQBセミナー: 量子プラズモニクス

Date: (THU) 7th February 2019
Time: 14:40-15:40 (Seminar)
Venue: D404 Seminar Room, Graduate School of Engr. Sci., Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University

Speaker: Prof. Mark Tame (SARChI Professor at Stellenbosch University)
Topics: Quantum information, Plasmonics, Quantum sensing
Title: Quantum plasmonics
Integrated photonics is an attractive platform for quantum
state engineering. Here, dielectric materials are often used to
construct complex optical circuitry. Plasmonic materials can provide a
way to confine light to much smaller scales, which enables the
enhancement of light-matter coupling. This can be used to build
single-photon sources and switches, both of which are important for
quantum technologies. Unfortunately, the confinement of light with
plasmonics comes at the expense of significant loss. However, recent
studies have shown that with careful engineering one can overcome loss
and even exploit it for realising quantum applications at the
nanoscale. I will talk about some of these applications, many of which
have been experimentally demonstrated, including quantum sensing and
quantum random number generation.