QIQB Seminar (Dec 6,15:00-16:00) Prof. Martin Plenio "Diamond Quantum Devices: From Quantum Simulations to Medical Imaging"

講師: Prof. Martin Plenio (Ulm University, Gernany)
場所: Seminar Room in Engineering Science International Bldg
演題: ” Diamond Quantum Devices: From Quantum Simulations to Medical Imaging”

(See also Attached File) Perfect diamond is transparent for visible light but there are famous diamonds,
such as the famous Oppenheim Blue or the Pink Panther worth ten’s of millions of dollar, which have
intense colour. An important source of colour in diamond are lattice defects which emit and
absorb light at optical frequencies and may indeed possess a non-vanishing ground state
electronic spin. I will explore the physics of one of these defects, the nitrogen vacancy center,
and show how we can manipulate its electronic spin and make use of this capability to create
quantum simulators, quantum sensors and perhaps surprisingly applications in medical
imaging that may, we hope, find applications for example in cancer research and treatment.

17:00~19:30 情報交換会