Osaka University Fellowship “Quantum Leader Recourses” (QLEAR Fellowship)

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QLEAR Fellowship (Quantum LEAder Resource)



  March, 2021 ~ March, 2028


This is a doctoral program that will provide research devotion support funds and research funds and secure posts that can provide a stable and devoted environment for research after completing the doctoral program to those who has strong motivation for research and will be an important player leading innovation in science and technology in Japan in future as a part of the “Creation of University Fellowship Program for the Creation of Science and Technology Innovation” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This program will broadly support many doctoral students involved in cutting-edge quantum research promoted at Osaka University. We will provide a research environment where the students can concentrate more on their research and achieve world-class research results, and through joint research with companies or national research institutes, we will improve their research capabilities and secure career paths.

【Goal of QLEAR Fellowship】

Through the activities of this fellowship programs, we will train quantum leaders who have a high expertise in “quantum” and a spirit of industry-academia collaboration, and who will lead innovation in the social implementation of quantum research in various fields of society in future.

【Ideal candidate profile】

We recruit the students who will work actively on cutting-edge research of quantum science and technology during doctoral course and will study to be a quantum leader through this program, and have strongly motivation for working on research related quantum science and technology after the graduate course, and moreover for contributing to a society through quantum technology innovation.

【Financial supports】

QLEAR fellowship students will be provided with a research devotion support fund (allowance) and research budget to carry out research activities to focus on the proposed research theme described in the application form / plan.

The supports for 2021 is as follows.

(1)Allowance:1,800,000 JPY per year

   (Basically one twelfth of the total allowance will be paid every month. However, occasionally amount for several months may be paid at once.)

   (The allowance is taxation. See below.)

(2)Research budget:700,000 JPY per year

   (The budget will be transferred to the graduate school or institute where his or her supervisor belongs.)

【Activities of QLAER Fellowship】

QLEAR fellowship students participate in the following activities.

  • Research Internship (about three months): QLEAR fellowship students must conduct a joint research with companies or research institutes to strengthen their research capabilities. The period of the internship will be flexibly decided.
  • Quantum Basic Lectures (15 lectures): QLEAR fellowship students should take special lectures of quantum science and technology will be provided by prominent researchers from Osaka University, Japan and overseas.
  • Researcher Exchange Workshop (once a year): QLEAR fellowship students must report the achievements and to promote exchange and communications with outside parties.
  • Company/research institute visits (twice a year): QLEAR fellowship students visit companies and research institutes to get an image of the career path and have an opportunity to making matchings to the other party.
  • Interviews with a mentor (once every three months: Researchers in Osaka University or at companies/research institutes become mentors, and regularly meet with QLEAR fellowship students to report your progress.

Note: Those who already enroll in Osaka University Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Multidisciplinary PhD Program or Honor Program for Graduate School in Science, Engineering and Informatics need to discuss how to participate both program after enrollment.


【Application guideline for 2021】

 Application guideline for 2021 can be down loaded from here.


 25 students

<Eligibility of Application>

The students who can apply to the fellowship program should satisfy the criteria listed below.

(1)Students who enter a doctoral course of Osaka University listed in the table below in April 2021 or entered there in October 2020 and enroll in the first year on 1st April, 2021 are eligible. ※1

   ※1 2nd year of the doctoral course of Graduate School of Medicine on 1st April, 2021

(2)Students who are less than 30 years old at 1st April, 2021 (less than 33 years old for those who belonged to a medical course including a clinical training.)


Graduate School・Department

 Doctoral course

Graduate School of Science(Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biological Science, Department of Macromolecular Science, Department of Earth and Space Science)

Graduate School of Medicine (Division of Health Science)

Graduate School of Engineering (Division of Biotechnology, Division of Applied Chemistry, Division of Precision Engineering and Applied Physics, Division of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunicaitons Engineering, and Department of Management of Industry and Technology)

Graduate School of Engineering Science (Department of Materials Engineering Science, Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, and Department of Systems Innovation

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (Department of Information Systems Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Networking)

 4-year doctoral course ※1

Graduate School of Medicine(Medicine)

 Note) The students enroll in Osaka University Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Multidisciplinary PhD Program or Honor Program for Graduate School in Science, Engineering and Informatics can apply to the fellowship.

However、students listed below on 1st April, 2021 are not eligible.

  ① Person who are recognized as a working person ※2

  ② Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC) of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

  ③ Recipient of a scholarship from Japan Student Service Organization

  ④ Recipient of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship

  ⑤ Recipient of a scholarship from overseas governments

  ⑥ Students who receive a scholarship from a graduate program conducting in Osaka University (Multidisciplinary PhD Program, Program for Leading Graduate School, Honor Program for Graduate School in Science, Engineering and Informatics).

  But the scholarship aiming to supporting the tuition fee are excluded. ※3

   ※2 Working person” means 1. a person in full time employment, 2. a person retired from the full-time employment, and 3. a housewife and a househusband. For 3. However, regarding 3, depending on the status of life, we may not consider the applicant as a working person, and may accept the eligibility of application.

   ※3 Even if you receive the scholarships shown in (6),you can apply if you decline to receive the scholarship before the allowance payment from the fellowship program will start. In this case, the allowance will be pied by subtracting the amount equivalent to the scholarship paid in the first year of the fellowship.


Three years from 1st April, 2021

 ※The period will be ended when one will be withdrawal or removal from the doctoral course during the period.
  The period for those who are enrolled in the abovementioned doctoral courses on 31st March, 2021 is two years and six months.

<Application documents>

① Application form(Form1)
② Statement of Reasons(Form2)
③ Research Plan(Form3)
④ Academic transcript for graduate course
⑤ Copy of official certification of language proficiency( Only for those who write a score in Form 1. )
⑥ Examination voucher(Form4)
⑦ Envelop for returning
⑧ Recommendation Letter (Form5)


Format download (Only Japanese versions are available)

Application form(Form1)
Statement of Reasons(Form2)※Revised on 14th April
Research Plan(Form3) ※Revised on 14th April
Examination voucher(Form4)
Recommendation Letter (Form5)


<Selection schedule>






6th April (Tue)

~21th April (Wed)


To QLEAR Fellowship Office (in the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)

Notification of result of the document screening

11th May (Tue) 14:00 QLAER Fellowship homepage
Interview Announced separately

Announced separately

Announced separately

Notification of final successful applicants 25th May (Tue)


QLAER Fellowship homepage


<Application procedures>

Students who satisfy “6. Eligibility of application” and wish to application to the fellowship must proceed the application in the following procedure.

  • Method for application・・・・ By mail
  • Application period・・・・ 6th April, 2021 (Fri) ~ 21th April, 2021 (Fri)
  • Application documents・・・・ Documents ①~⑦ listed in “10.Application documents”
           ⑧ Recommendation Letter will be sent by the recommender to the address below by mail (or on-campus mail).
  • Mailing method

    Address  8-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, 567-0047 Osaka
    Department of Quantum System Electronics, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
    QLEAR Fellowship Office

    Please use an envelope of “角形2号(about length 33 cm × width 24 cm size ), and be sure to send it by “簡易書留速達 (Simple registered express mail)”. (Only those with a postmark from sending station (domestic) before 12th April (Fri) will be accepted even if they arrive after the deadline.)


  • Use the official format for the application. The change of the style in the format prohibited.
  • Changing the contents of application documents and adding supplementary after the submission are not allowed.
  • One application is accepted from an applicant and multiple applications are not allowed. When the several applications are submitted from an applicant, all applications will be invalid.
  • Examination voucher with examinee ID will be sent to the applicant by mail using the submitted envelope after submission.
  • Deficient application documents will not be accepted.


  QLAER Fellowship Office

   Room N209 (Department of Quantum System Electronics), The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

   8-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, 567-0047 Osaka

    TEL06-6879-8405 & FAX: 06-6879-8405