QIQB Seminar (Nov 26,15:30-16:30) Prof Christian Ospelkaus "Robust and resource-efficient microwave near-field entangling gates"

講師: Prof. Christian Ospelkaus (Leibniz Universität Hannover/ Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany,
 基礎工学研究科 招へい教授)
場所: 基礎工学研究科 未来研究推進センターセミナー室 (基礎工G215号室)
演題: “Robust and resource-efficient microwave near-field entangling gates”

Microwave trapped-ion quantum logic gates avoid spontaneous emission as
a fundamental source of decoherence. However, microwave two-qubit gates
are still slower than laser-induced gates and hence more sensitive to
fluctuations and noise of the motional mode frequency. We propose and
implement amplitude-shaped gate drives to obtain resilience to such
frequency changes without increasing the pulse energy per gate
operation. We demonstrate the resilience by noise injection during a
two-qubit entangling gate with 9Be+ ion qubits. In absence of injected
noise, amplitude modulation gives an operation infidelity in the 10^-3 range.