UPCOMING EVENT : Quantum Software Lecture Series

Quantum Software Research Hub (QSRH)opens Quantum Software Lecture Series on 4th June. The purposes of the lecture series are to provide education opportunities both for enterprise employees and university undergraduate / graduate students and to seek real-world applications with quantum software. In the first half of the series, well programmed classroom lectures provide fundamental knowledge and programming skills step by step. In the second, each group work team tackles different topic on quantum software so that attendees will get familiar with the fields as soon as possible. 


The titles of classroom lectures are listed as follows. 

  • Introduction to quantum computing 
  • Introduction to quantum algorithm for NISQ
  • Introduction to quantum hardware 
  • Quantum machine learning 
  • Business environment survey for quantum computing industries 
  • Develop quantum algorithms and applications on quantum hardware and simulators with Amazon Braket 
  • Quantum computing for quantum chemistry
  • Introduction to long-term quantum algorithm 
  • Quantum computing applications for financial practice 

    The topics of group work will be announced later. 


    Lecture style: Online webinar 

    Language: Japanese 

    Fee: ¥220,000 per employee / year for enterprise 

    Student Discount: free for students who pass the selection 

    Contact: mail coi-next(—AT—) 

    Replace (—AT—) into @. 


    Application form will be sent after request by e-mail.